Promedia Qatar services public and private sectors through its five core divisions. Below are the divisions overview.

Divisions Overview

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Promedia Qatar provides CAE solutions to the majority of architecture, engineering and construction firms in the region enabling them to efficiently design and approve projects prior to build. Promedia CAE has been associated with the CAD industry and Autodesk for over two decades.

Promedia; Professional Audio Visual Integrated Systems

Promedia Qatar provides Professional Audio Visual Integrated Systems (AV) and Security & Access Control (SAC) Solutions across Government, corporate, hospitality and education sectors in the GCC.

Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS)

Promedia Qatar provides Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Data Integration and Warehousing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, Security, Custom Software Development & Risk Management solutions to the government & private sectors.

Public Services Solutions (PSS)

Promedia Qatar provides solutions which address the needs of Homeland Security,Border Control, Law Enforcement, Public Justice, Civil Affairs, Public Citizen Services & Civil Service departments.

Enterprise Networking Solutions (ENS)

Promedia Qatar provides IT and Telecommunication solutions which build secure enterprise communications infrastructures which integrates data, text, image, voice and video over a single network.

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